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Country Information


Principality of Andorra
Exercise normal precautions when traveling to Andorra.

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Exercise normal precautions when traveling to Andorra.

Country Summary: Entry to Andorra can only be done via Spain and France.

Read the country information page for more information on travel to Andorra.

If you decide to travel to Andorra:



Hague Convention Participation

Hague Adoption Convention Country?
Are Intercountry Adoptions between this country and the United States possible?
Intercountry adoptions are not currently possible between Andorra and the United States.

Hague Convention Information

The few Andorran children who are eligible for adoption are generally adopted by Andorran citizens, to whom priority is given.  There are currently no U.S. accredited or approved adoption service providers authorized to work in Andorra. Under U.S. law, an accredited or approved adoption service provider must serve as the primary provider in adoption cases between the United States and Andorra.  Under Andorran law, foreign adoption service providers must be authorized to provide adoption services in Andorra by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Therefore, intercountry adoption from Andorra to the U.S. is not possible at this time.

Andorra is a party to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (Convention).  Intercountry adoption processing in Convention countries must be done in accordance with the Convention; the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000 (IAA); the IAA’s implementing regulations; and all applicable legislation and regulations of Andorra.

Andorra is not considered a country of origin for intercountry adoption at this time.  While adoption is legally possible, children from Andorra are not generally placed for intercountry adoption.  No child from Andorra has received a U.S. immigrant visa based on an intercountry adoption in the past ten fiscal years.  The information provided is intended primarily to assist in extremely rare adoption cases from Andorra, including adoptions of children from Andorra by relatives in the United States, as well as adoptions from third countries by U.S. citizens living in Andorra.

U.S. citizens interested in adopting children from Andorra should contact the Central Adoption Authority of Andorra to inquire about applicable laws and procedures.  U.S. citizen prospective adoptive parents living in Andorra who would like to adopt a child from the United States or from a third country should also contact Andorra’s Central Authority.  See contact information below.

Contact Information

Andorra’s Central Adoption Authority:
Ministry of Social Affairs
Servei d'Atenció a la lnfància i a l'Adolescència
Departament d’lnfància, l'Adolescència i Joventut
Av. Príncep Benlloch, 30, 4art
AD-500 Andorra la Vella
Principality of Andorra
Tel./Tél.: +376 874 800
Fax: +376 829 347

U.S. Consulate in Barcelona, Spain
Paseo Reina Elisenda, 23
08034 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 280 2227
Fax: +34 93 280 6175

Office of Children’s Issues
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20520
Tel: 1-888-407-4747

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

For questions about filing a Form I-800A application or a Form I-800 petition:

USCIS National Benefits Center (NBC)
Tel: 1-877-424-8374 (toll free); 1- 913-275-5480 (local); Fax:1- 913-214-5808

For general questions about immigration procedures:

USCIS Contact Center
1-800-375-5283 (TTY 1-800-767-1833)

Last Updated: November 13, 2023

Assistance for U.S. Citizens

U.S. Consulate General Barcelona
Paseo Reina Elisenda de Montcada, 23,
08034 Barcelona
+ (34) 932-802-227
+ (34) 915-872-200
+ (34) 932-806-175

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