Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of National Visa Center

Last Updated: July 26, 2019

On July 26, 2019, the Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC) celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in a public ceremony in Portsmouth, NH, attended by senior Department officials and state and local dignitaries.  In keeping with NVC’s key role in the immigrant visa process, the event included a naturalization ceremony at which 25 candidates took the oath of allegiance and became U.S. citizens.

Since 1994, NVC has carried out a critical part of the immigrant visa process, serving as the link between U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the U.S. Department of State. Once USCIS approves an immigrant visa petition, NVC handles key visa pre-processing steps to prepare applications for the final visa interviews conducted at U.S. embassies and consulates abroad. 

As noted by Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Ian Brownlee, “Since its opening in 1994, NVC has received more than twelve and a half million immigrant visa petitions from USCIS and has sent more than seven and a half million to our consular sections overseas for interview and visa issuance. Behind each of these numbers is a story of family connection, economic opportunity, and contribution to the rich and diverse fabric of the United States.”

Through this important work, NVC facilitates legal immigration while protecting U.S. national security. As it enters its twenty-fifth year, NVC will continue to play a crucial part in carrying out the Department of State’s mission.

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