Department of State Announces Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-2010) Registration

November 17, 2008

Registration period ends December 1, 2008-- Applicants urged to apply early.

Washington -  Entrants for the United States Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-2010) are encouraged to enter early in the two-month registration period because excessive demand might slow down the system as the deadline nears, according to the State Department. The Diversity Visa Lottery registration period will start at noon (Eastern Daylight Time) on October 2 until noon Eastern Standard Time on December 1, 2008, the State Department announced. See Learn More for the Press Release and the DV-2010 instructions below.

For the first time, entrants for the United States Diversity Visa 2010 Lottery will be able to check the status of their entry online starting July 1, 2009 and find out whether their entries were selected or not selected in the lottery. Successful Diversity Visa Lottery entrants will continue to receive notification letters by mail.

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