Where to Apply

Where you apply depends on when you need your U.S. passport.

Please Note: The instructions below are for those applying inside the United States. For information on how to apply for a U.S. passport outside the United States, please visit Apply Outside the United States.

What Service Should I Select

My Travel Date My Reason for Travel Service I Should Select My Processing Times Next Steps?
Right now I have a life-or-death emergency Life-or-Death Emergency Service

Your appointment date must be within 3 business days of travel.


See our "Life-or- Death Emergencies" page to learn if you are eligible. You can schedule your appointment up to 2 weeks before your international travel but the date of your appointment must be within 3 business days of your international travel.
Less than 5-7 weeks from today I have urgent international travel plans within 2 weeks, or need a foreign visa within 4 weeks. Expedited at an Agency or Center  Your appointment date must be within 5 business days of travel. If you need a foreign visa, the appointment can be within 10 business days of travel.  A limited number of appointments are available. Restrictions apply and we cannot guarantee you can make an appointment. 
In the next 5-7 weeks (No reason needed) Expedited  5-7 weeks (does not include mailing times) Expedite at an acceptance facility or expedite a renewal by mail
More than 8-11 weeks from today (No reason needed) Routine  8-11 weeks (does not include mailing times) Apply at an acceptance facility or renew by mail

Applying in Person

Watch this video on how to apply in-person for an adult U.S. passport!