Renew Online - Limited Release

The Limited Release is Currently Paused

On March 8, 2023, we paused our limited release of the online renewal service, so that we can introduce improvements based on customer feedback.

During our limited release, over 500,000 customers volunteered to submit their applications online and test our system. We look forward to launching the enhanced application in a full, nationwide release. 

While you cannot submit an application online now, you can still renew by mail if you are eligible. 


Other Questions

What should I do with my old passport after I renew online?

Keep your old passport and do not mail it to us.  

When you receive your new passport, place a sticker on the old passport as a reminder that you cannot use it for international travel. 

When packing for your trip, check the date of expiration of your passport to make sure you are bringing your new passport.


Can I request a refund after I have submitted my application?

You cannot request a refund via after you submit your application. However, you can submit a request to refund your $60 expedited fee if you selected expedited service and did not receive your passport within the expedited service times published on our site.

Last Updated: August 3, 2023