Get My Passport Fast

Do you need to rush your passport?  We can help you! Learn more about the service you should select based on when and why you are traveling internationally.

What Service Should I Select

Travel Date Reason for Travel Service Next Steps?
Right now I have a life-or-death emergency Life-or-Death Emergency Service See our "Life-or- Death Emergencies" page 
Less than 3 weeks

I have urgent international travel plans.

Example: you're traveling overseas on June 22. Beginning June 1, you should schedule an appointment at a passport agency or center that is on June 8 or later. You can only go to the actual appointment within 2 weeks of international travel (or 4 weeks if you need a visa). 

Expedited at an Agency or Center Make an appointment at a passport agency or center (bring proof of travel)
Less than 8 weeks (No reason needed) Expedited Expedite at an acceptance facility or expedite a renewal by mail
More than 8 weeks (No reason needed) Routine Apply at an acceptance facility or renew by mail


Expedite at a Passport Agency or Center


Expedite at an Acceptance Facility

You must use Form DS-11 when applying at an acceptance facility. If you need to renew your passport, you should use Form DS-82 and mail it to us. Here's how you expedite at an acceptance facility: 

  • Fill out your DS-11 application and collect your documents. See How to Apply to find the right form for you. 
  • Be sure to include the $60 expedite fee in addition to the normal application fee. See Passport Fees for more information.
  • Find the acceptance facility nearest you to turn in your application and fees. Contact the facility before arriving to determine if an appointment is required.
  • The expedite fee does not include the optional 1-2 day delivery fee of your completed passport.

Expedite a Renewal by Mail

Form DS-82 must be mailed in unless you have urgent international travel and are eligible to renew in-person at a passport agency or center. You cannot renew your passport at an acceptance facility. To find out if you are eligible to use Form DS-82, see Renew a Passport.  Here's how to expedite a renewal by mail:

  • Fill out your DS-82 application and collect your documents.
  • Be sure to include the $60 expedite fee in addition to the normal application fee. See Passport Fees for more information.
  • Clearly mark "EXPEDITE" on the outside of the envelope. 
  • The expedite fee does not include the optional 1-2 day delivery fee.

1-2 Day Delivery Service (Optional)

You may choose to pay for a 1-2 day delivery service for your application.

  • If you are only applying for a passport card, we will send it to you via First Class Mail. We do not use 1-2 day delivery services for passport card only applications.
  • You may choose one or both of the following shipment options:
    • Delivery to us: Purchase 1-2 day delivery service at a post office or other passport acceptance facility for faster shipping of your application to us. The price for 1-2 day delivery service varies depending on the area of the country.
    • Return to you: Include the $16.48 1-2 day delivery service fee with your passport fee in your check or money order payable to the U.S. Department of State for faster return shipping.
    • You may receive your passport and your supporting documents submitted with your application in separate mailings.

Passport Expeditors or Courier Companies

Passport expeditor/courier companies are private entities, some of which are registered at our passport agencies, and are allowed to submit expedited passport applications on behalf of customers.  To learn more about passport and visa expeditor/courier companies, please visit our Passport Expeditor/Courier page.