Courier and Expeditor Companies

Courier companies, or “passport expeditors,” are private companies. Some of these companies may submit applications and pick up passports for customers.

Thinking of using a courier company? Here are a few things you should know:

  • On this page, you can find a list of companies registered with the U.S. Department of State. 
  • These companies do not operate as a part of the U.S. Department of State. 
  • If you use a courier company, you will not receive your passport faster than applying at one of our passport agencies
  • Courier companies charge extra fees for their services. 
  • We do not charge a fee to make an appointment. If you are asked to pay, consider the request to be fraudulent. We are not affiliated with any third-party appointment booking services. We may not be able to honor appointments booked via third parties. Do not attempt to book two appointments.
  • If you are applying using Form DS-11, you still must appear in person at an acceptance facility. You will also need to provide extra information, such as proof of urgent international travel. 
  • You cannot submit an application online through a courier company.


List of Registered Courier Companies

A company must register at each passport agency or center in which it delivers passport applications and picks up completed passports on behalf of customers. If you are interested in registering your company, email

Name of Registered Courier Company
123 Access Travel Passport
2 Get Visas
A Birth Certificate
A Briggs Passports & Visa Expeditors
A Rush Passport & Visa Services
A Washington Travel & Passport Visa Service
A1 Passport & Visa
A-1 Passport and Visa Express
AAA Passport
ABC Passports Express
Access Communications (CTM)
Ace Passport Services
Adams Passports and Visas
Agency Passports
All American Passports
All Star Visas and Passport Services
Ambassador Passport & Visa Services Inc.
America Asia Travel Center (AATC)
American Passport & Visa Experts Inc
American Passport & Visa International (APVI)
American Passport Center
American Passport Express
American Visa of DC
American Visa Service
Arrow Travel
Asia Universal Inc.
Atlas Passport Service
Austin Passport Services
BCV Visa and Passport Service
Best China Visa Service Center
Blue Sky Traveler Group Inc.
Bowery Travel and Tours Inc
BPS Services
Brazil Fiesta
Bucktown Visa and Passport
Capitol Visa Services
Citizens Official Services Inc
Citizens Passport & Visa Center
Classic Passport & Visa Service
Cleary Gotlieb Stern and Hamilton LLP
Cliffs Passport Service
Compass Visa 
Consular Services
Convenient Value Passport and Visa
Corporate Travel Services of America
DCS Visa Solutions
Deluxe Passport Express
Diamond Offshore
DMS Visa International, Inc
Dokument USA
Duke's Visa Service Inc
Elite International Documents Inc
Elite Passport & Visa Service Inc
Embassy Visa and Passport Services
Executive Courier of Greenwich
Executive Passport and Visa Service
Expedite Media, LLC  
Expedited Passport and Visa Service
Expedited Travel
Expert Visa Service
Express Visa Service (EVS)
Fast Passport
Fast Passport Center
Fast Passports & Visas
Fastport Passport
First Class Messenger Service, INC
First Class Passport
First Passport & Visa Services
Five Oceans Tours
Five Star Passports & Visas
Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen, & Loewy LLP
Fu Sheng Travel Service Inc.
G3 Visas & Passports
General Conference of Seventh Day Adventist
Generations Visa Service
Get Your U.S. Passport
Global Access Entertainment Worldwide, Inc.
Global Passport Express
Global Passport & Visas, Inc
Global Travel Connection/ProTravel
Global VIP Services
Global Visas & Passport Express
Go to Russia Travel, Inc.
Golden Day Tour Inc.
Guill Photo INC
Help U Travel
I Want A Passport
Instant Passport
Inter-American Group INC
Intercontinental Visa Service (IVS)
International Driver
International Passport & Visa, Inc.
IR Travel Consultants
Iratex Passport & Visa
It's Easy, Inc (Rockefeller Plaza)
Jewish Heritage Resource Center (E-Z Passport)
JHEG Passport & Visa Service
Just Passports
Justin Documents
Kowenia & Alex Services
Legal Passport LLC
Lone Star Passports Inc
Longhorn Passport, Inc
Mania’s Passport and Visa Service
Master Visa Service, LLC
Matisse Personal Services LLC/MPSVisa
MD Visa Plus Inc
Morad Morad Passport & Visa Service, INC
National Passport Service
National Passports
Ocean to Ocean Passports
Omega Business Services, INC
Overnight Passport
Pan American Multiservices MLTS
Passport & Document Solutions (PDS)
Passport & Visa Consultants
Passport & Visa Express
Passport & Visa Solutions (PVS)
Passport All-Star
Passport and Visa Exchange
Passport and Visa Specialists
Passport Depot
Passport Express Intl
Passport Nation
Passport Now
Passport Photos To Go.Com
Passport Plus
Passport Rush LLC
Passport Security Systems
Passports & More
Passports A La Carte
Passports and Visas
Passports in a Flash
Passports In A Hurry
Passports Unlimited
Passports, Etc
PCS Surface Delivery
Peninsula Visa & Passport Service
Perry Visa Service
PEX Passport Express
Premier Passports
Priority Passports
Probus Research/Passport Helper
Professional Passport
Prompt Passport Services
Puerto Rico Birth Certificate
PVS International
Quick Passport and Visa
Red Star Travel /Allstate Passports & Visas
Rekerdres, Rieter & Associates, Inc. (doing business as Passports & Visas)
RJR International Passport Visas, Inc.
RSVP Passports
Rush Apostilles
Rush Passport, Inc
Sam's Passport Inc
San Jose Visa Service
SC-Passport & Visa Online
Seagate Travel Group
Sing Sing Pass (SSP Quick Service)
South Coast Visa & Passport
Speedy Passport & Visa Service, LLC
Swift Passport and Visa Services
Tamar International Passport + Visa Services
The Passport & Visa Company
The Passport Express Services
The Travel Broker, Inc.
The Visa Center
T.I.S. International Visa Service
Total Passport Solutions
Total Visa Solutions
Track Fast Courier Services
Travco Passport & Visa
Travel Center Tours
Travel Document Express
Travel Document Systems
Travel Passport and Visa LLC
Travel The World Visas
Travel Visa Pro, LLC
Travisa Passport & Visa Services
U.S. Passport & Visa Service
U.S. Passport Photo Service, Inc.
U.S. Vital Documents
Unipac Travel Group
United States Birth Certificate
Universal Passport & Visas
Urgent Passport Services
US Passport Express Inc. 
US Passport Online
US Visa Connection
US Vital Documents
US Walock Travel
USA Passport Online
VIP Passport Services, Inc            
Visa Access
Visa Adventure INC
Visa Advisor
Visa and Passport 2 Go, Inc.
Visa Network
Visa Obtainers Inc
Visa Services of Houston Inc.
VisaRite Service Corp
Visas ASAP
Washington Passport & Visa Service
Westwood Service Center
World Visa Travel Inc
WRP Services
Y.B.B. Solutions
Your Passport Now
Zierer Visa Service (ZVS)

Frequently Asked Questions

The company I looked up has a government seal on their website. Doesn't that mean it's an official government service?

No. Some companies may appear to be part of the U.S. government because they use logos that look like official government seals. Check the list of courier companies on this page to see if a company is registered with the U.S. Department of State.


The company I'm using said I could renew my passport online through their website. Is that true?

No. All passport applications submitted by a courier company must be printed out and signed in ink. You must also provide original, physical documents when submitting your application through a courier company. 


Is there a fee to fill out a passport application or make an appointment?

No. Passport applications are available for free on the Passport Forms page. We do not charge a fee to make an appointment at one of our passport agencies or centers. Acceptance facilities such as post offices do not charge a fee to make an appointment. 


What else should I do if I am planning to use a courier company?

You should research companies since you will be sharing your most sensitive information and documents. Read the fine print on each website. The Better Business Bureau or your local chamber of commerce may help you make a decision about a company. 


  • We are not responsible for a courier company losing or damaging your documents.
  • We do not get involved in a customer's dispute with a courier company.
  • Contact your local law enforcement office if you are a victim of a crime.
Last Updated: February 2, 2024