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Documents Scanning FAQs



What equipment do I use to scan documents?

You will need to use a device capable of scanning a physical document and producing a PDF (Portable Document Format) image file as output. Most flat bed scanners and some models of all-in-one printers, FAX machines, or commercial photocopying machines can produce PDF output files.

You will also need a device such as a personal computer, laptop or tablet computer, a smart phone, or other compatible memory medium to store the electronic PDF image of the document after scanning.


How many documents can I put in each scan file?

Create a separate file for each document, including all of its pages and both sides of double-sided documents.  Do not include multiple documents in any scan file.


How should I identify the scan files I create?

Each scan file must be named as it is created.  Choose a file name that includes the following information:

  • Your NVC case number;
  • The full name of the applicant whose document you scanned; and
  • The document name or form number.

For example:

  • ABC2009123456_John_Doe_DS-3032.pdf
  • ABC2009123456_Jane_Doe_Birth_Certificate.pdf