Do you have a Picture Perfect Passport?

Passport photos that don't meet our requirements are the #1 reason applications get held up during the application process.  In 2017, nearly a quarter million passport photos were not accepted!  Submitting a passport application with a bad photo will delay your application and could interfere with planned travel.  

Save yourself the anxiety of delays and make sure you’re not making these mistakes!

1. Photo taken more than 6 months ago

It's tempting to submit an old photo from a previous passport! Your passport photo needs to have been taken within the last 6 months. We verify that the photo looks like you.  So, save your old photos for throwback Thursdays!

Watch this video to see a sample of a quality photo!

2. Overexposed or Underexposed

Photos that are too bright or that show shadows on your face will also cause you problems. Your photo needs to be a clear image of your face. Remember, photo filters are good for social media, not your passport photo.

Man's photo is underexposedMan's photo is too bright


Watch this video to see a sample of a quality photo!

3. Image size

Selfies are a bad idea when it comes to passport photos. Photos that are taken too close or too far away will be rejected. 

Woman too close to the cameraWoman too far from camera


Watch this video to see another example!

4. Low quality image or paper

Photo is blurry, grainy, pixelated, or printed on the wrong paper. Photos should be high resolution.

Man's photo is crumpled and there are wrinkles on the paperWoman's photo is grainy or pixelated


Watch this video to see another example!

5. Glasses

As of 2016, we no longer allow eye glasses in passport photos. Please remove your eyewear for your passport photo so there is no delay with your application.

Woman with glare on glasses blocking view of her eyes


Watch this video to see another example!

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, go to our photo requirements to learn more about proper dimensions, see sample passport photos, and use our helpful photo tool.  With these additional tips and tools you are on your way to having a picture perfect passport.

Picture Perfect Passport

Get some quick tips for a great passport photo in this video.