Information for U.S. Citizens about a U.S. Government-Assisted Evacuation

Procedures for Evacuation:

Generally, individuals evacuated on a U.S. government-coordinated transport, including charter and military flights or ships, even if those transports are provided by another country’s government, must sign an Evacuee Manifest and Promissory Note (Form DS-5528) note prior to departure. The Department of State uses the Form DS-5528 to document who got on which transport, and it lets us know how to contact evacuees for billing purposes.

U.S. law requires that departure assistance to private U.S. citizens or third country nationals be provided “on a reimbursable basis to the maximum extent practicable.”  By taking a U.S. government coordinated transport, evacuees are obligated to repay the cost of their transportation. The amount billed to evacuees is based on the cost of a full fare economy flight, or comparable alternate transportation, to the designated destination(s) that would have been charged immediately prior to the events giving rise to the evacuation. Because different evacuation transports may go to different destinations, the cost of one transport may be different than another. We encourage people to leave on the first transport they are able and eligible to board.

How to Repay an Evacuation Loan:

You should make evacuation loan payments to the U.S. Department of State through the Comptroller and Global Financial Services (CGFS) office in Charleston, South Carolina. CGFS is working closely with our other Bureaus, Posts and Embassies to gather all of the necessary documentation in order to process loans and prepare bills.

Payment will be due within 30 days from the bill date. In accordance with federal debt collection regulations, if full payment is not received within 30 days from the due date, interest and a $50.00 administrative charge for processing and handling will be assessed. 

If this account becomes 90 days past due, then penalties will be assessed on the unpaid balance. Once a debt has been delinquent for 90 days, the debt will be referred to the Department of Treasury for collection and they may collect the debt via administrative offset of federal payment (e. g tax returns, social security), referral to a private collection agency, referral to credit bureaus, through administrative wage garnishment and/or through other actions permitted by law.

Once you have received your bill you may contact us for more information about your evacuation loan, to repay your loan, or to request an Installment agreement.  

Contact Information:

Comptroller and Global Financial Services
Phone: 1-800-521-2116 or 843-746-0592
Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM ET

U.S. Passports:

  • If you have repaid the outstanding loan in full, a full validity passport may be issued.
  • If you are making regular and recent payments on an outstanding loan, a one-year limited validity passport may be issued.
  • If you have not made any payments on an outstanding loan, please set up payment arrangements by contacting CGFS.
Last Updated: November 27, 2023