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Volunteering Abroad

Every year, thousands of U.S. students travel around the world to lend a helping hand to communities and ecosystems in need. It’s an exciting opportunity not just to help, but to experience entirely new cultures, food, and languages.

But while volunteering abroad may be a fulfilling adventure, things can go wrong. We often hear from volunteers who have experienced, sexual assault, or medical emergencies in another country.  

Take the example of Jane Traveler: While volunteering abroad, someone mugged her, stealing her passport and other identification. She did know to go to the nearby U.S. Embassy for an emergency passport to get home, but she hadn’t photocopied her documents in advance to carry separately. That slowed down what would have been a fairly quick and easy process, and might have cost Jane time and money in rescheduling her transportation.

Don’t be like Jane. Prepare for the unexpected and make a plan before you go to stay safe. Visit our “Best Practices for Volunteering” page to find out more.

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