This page provides information on systems errors currently impacting IV applicants. If during the course of your application you encounter an error, follow the instructions and take the recommended action as shown below. If you are unable to resolve your error based on this guidance, or the error you encounter is not listed, please contact us at for instructions.




Most Recent Update

Documents submitted via CEAC on March 13, 2024, or later are delayed in getting to NVC’s systems. You do not need to take any additional action and you do not need to re-upload the documents unless specifically directed to do so by NVC. NVC's review of these documents may be delayed. 19-March-2024

I paid my IV or AOS fee but it still shows "pending" in CEAC

These fees can take up to one week to process. Please allow seven days before proceeding to the next step. If it has been "pending" for more than seven days, please provide your Pay.Gov Payment receipt to NVC at


CEAC is requiring me to submit a police certificate for a country that I lived in for less than one year.

Review for police certificate requirements. If you are not required to submit a police certificate that CEAC is asking for, instead submit an explanatory comment.


My document has already been accepted by NVC, but I received another request for it in CEAC

Please check your CEAC account to confirm the document hasn't been rejected by NVC or that you haven't received a specific instruction to upload an additional document. If the document shows as 'accepted' in CEAC, you may ignore the message and submit all other required documents. This will not delay completion of your case.


I deleted (or attempted to delete) a derivative family member on my case, but they are still showing up as part of my case

If you are unable to remove a derivative family member who won't be immigrating with you, set that derivative to "Follow to Join" and do not pay fees for that derivative. That will not cause delay in review of your case.


I completed my DS-260 when my case had a visa available, but the case subsequently retrogressed. Now a visa is available again, but the DS-260 is not available

Contact NVC at to get your DS-260 reset