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The Department of State places the highest priority on the welfare of children, and is deeply committed to assisting children and parents involved in international parental child abduction cases. As part of our efforts, the Office of Children’s Issues maintains an Attorney Network. Our Network’s attorneys provide legal representation to parents involved in international parental child abduction cases.

Hague Abduction Convention Resources

Resources for Litigating Incoming Hague Convention Cases

              See Appendix H for sample pleadings

Expert Hague judges in the U.S. and abroad are available to answer questions and provide guidance to judges hearing Hague cases.

U.S. Supreme Court Cases interpreting  the Convention:

International Case Law

Please note that the Hague Abduction Convention is not an exclusive remedy in the United States. Other remedies may exist under U.S. domestic laws. For examples, see “Civil Laws” below.

Also see Getting Your Custody Order Recognized and Enforced in the U.S..

Passport Issuance & Prevention Tools

Assessing the Need for Prevention

Passport Issuance & Prevention Tools


Hague Application

Other Useful Forms

Laws & Regulations

See this page here.

Civil Laws

Criminal Laws

Useful Links & Publications

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Last Updated: September 27, 2023