Reporting Requirements

Regulations implementing the Hague Adoption Convention (22 CFR part 99) outline new reporting requirements for outgoing Convention and non-Convention cases (adoptions from the United States). In summary, the reporting provider (typically the primary provider in Convention cases or the provider responsible for child placement in non-Convention cases) reports the following to our office (the Department of State's Office of Children's Issues) for each outgoing case:

  1. Name, date of birth of child, and place of birth of child;
  2. The U.S. State from which the child is emigrating;
  3. The country to which the child is immigrating;
  4. The U.S. State where the final adoption is taking place, or the U.S. State where legal custody for the purpose of adoption is being granted and the country where the final adoption is taking place; and
  5. Its name, address, phone number, and other contact information.

This report is required within 30 days of learning that the adoption case involves emigration of a child from the United States to a foreign country.

More Information

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Last Updated: September 22, 2021