Intercountry Adoption Data

Intercountry Adoption Data: Adoption Tracking Service and the AE Portal

The Adoptions Tracking Service (ATS) is an Internet-based system that facilitates the Department of State’s ability to collect data about intercountry adoption, as required by the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000 (IAA.)


The Department uses ATS data to fulfill four primary functions:

  1. Track all incoming and outgoing adoption cases involving the United States;
  2. Manage and track the accreditation/approval status of adoption service providers (ASP);
  3. Manage ASP and accrediting entity (AE) contact information; and,
  4. Produce Congressional and management reports and correspondence for the Department of State.

ASP Access to ATS

Previously, both ASPs and AEs provided information on intercountry adoption cases by entering data into ATS.  To address ASP concerns about the time and cost of supplying information both to ATS and to the AE’s data collection portal, on October 26, 2020, the Department modified the requirements pertaining to ASP data entry into ATS.  For all cases registered in the AE portal on or after February 15, 2018, ASPs now enter data only into the AE’s portal, and the Department transfers relevant information into ATS.  As a result of this change, ASPs no longer have or need access to ATS.

To update, correct, or verify historical ATS records for cases registered before February 15, 2018, ASPs may request assistance by email to the Adoption Oversight Division, Office of Children’s Issues.  Requests should include ‘ATS INQUIRY’ or ‘ATS UPDATE’ in the subject line and the agency’s name and information regarding the case in the body of the email.

Questions about the AE portal should be submitted to the AE.

AE Access to ATS

** Contact the Department’s AE Liaison for assistance or for questions not addressed in the resources below.

Enter the Adoption Tracking Service for AE Users (Password Required)

In order to connect to ATS, you will need to have the TLS 1.0 security setting enabled in your Web browser. To verify and enable the TLS 1.0 setting in your Web browser, please follow the directions provided.

Link to Directions

ATS Online Training and Quick Guides for AE Users

Adoption Tracking Services Online Training

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Adoption Tracking Service (ATS) Certificate Information

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Last Updated: February 2, 2021