International Judicial Assistance

Service of Process

Rules on providing notice to litigants and witnesses differ in each country and do not generally follow the same rules for service of process in the United States. This section provides information on methods of service of process available overseas, as well as country specific information on service in particular countries.

Obtaining Evidence

Discovery rules in foreign countries are frequently very different from the rules that apply in the United States. This section provides general information on methods that are available to get evidence, depose witnesses and arrange for live testimony overseas, including country specific information on particular countries.

Enforcement of Judgments

This section describes general procedures for seeking to enforce judgments internationally.

Authentications and Apostilles

This section provides information on how to authenticate U.S. documents so that they will be accepted overseas.

Retaining a Foreign Attorney

This Section provides general information on the process of hiring a foreign attorney to represent you in civil or criminal matters overseas and includes links to lists of attorneys maintained by U.S. Embassies and Consulates.

Country Information

These pages provide information on service of process, taking evidence and other types of judicial assistance available on a country specific basis.