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International Prisoner Transfer Program

The International Prisoner Transfer Program began in 1977 when the U.S. government negotiated the first in a series of treaties to permit the transfer of prisoners from countries in which they had been convicted of crimes to their home countries. The program is designed to relieve some of the special hardships that fall upon offenders incarcerated far from home, and to facilitate the rehabilitation of these offenders. Prisoners may be transferred to and from those countries with which the United States has a treaty. (Participating countries are listed on the Department of Justice website). While all prisoner transfer treaties are negotiated principally by the United States Department of State, the program itself is administered by the United States Department of Justice.


More information regarding the International Prisoner Transfer Program may be found at the Department of Justice website including what countries participate in the program, how incarnated individuals might be eligible for the program and how to apply.

You can also find information on the International Prisoner Transfer Program and how U.S. citizens incarcerated abroad can take advantage of it by clicking here.

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