Reports and Statistics

U.S. Passports

Statistical data is available on the number of U.S. Passports issued by year, valid passports in circulation by year, passport applications received by year, and passports issued by state.


U.S. Visas

Statistical data is available on immigrant and non-immigrant visa issuance by consular offices, as well as information on the use of visa numbers in numerically limited categories.


International Parental Child Abductions

Statistical data is available on the number of reported international parental child abductions, and access requests, made to the office of Children’s Issues. This information is presented by calendar year, broken down by country, the number of cases, and the number of children involved. For Hague Convention partner country data: The numbers reflect abductions reported to the Office of Children’s Issues, not the number of Hague applications filed with a Central Authority during the given period.


Intercountry Adoptions

Statistical data is available on adoptions by country, adoptions by U.S. state, adoptions by year, and adoptions by visa type.


U.S. Citizen Deaths Overseas

Deaths of U.S. citizens abroad by non-natural causes.