Adoption Notice Archive


Cambodia_Notice Update of status of adoptions in Cambodian_June 5 2011

China_Notice China Single Female adoption notice_April 11 2011

China_Notice_ Concerns About Information on the Background of Children Adopted from China_April 14 2011

Democratic Republic of the Congo_ Notice _Change to travel requirement for prospective adoptive parents_May 12 2011

Democratic Republic of the Congo_ Notice _Change to travel requirement for prospective adoptive parents_May 12 2011

Ecuador_Alert_Adverse Action taken by Council on Accreditation towards Joshua Tree Adoptions, Inc._August 28,2011

Ecuador_Supension of Joshua Tree Adoptions Inc. lifted_ August 28,2011

Ethiopia_Notice Adoption Processing at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababan_January 12 2011

Ethiopia_Notice Confirmation of Orphanage Closures in Ethiopia_August 2 2011

Ethiopia_Notice Confirmation of Orphanage Closures in Ethiopia_October 16 2011

Ethiopia_Notice Information regarding processing of Form I-600, Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa_October 6 2011

Ethiopia_Notice Orphanage Closures in Ethiopia_July 20 2011

Ethiopia_Notice Procedure for Processing Adoption Cases_November 15 2011

Ethiopia_Notice Summary of March 11 Ethiopia Conference Call_March 15 2011

Ethiopia_Notice Update on adoption case processing by MOWCYA in Ethiopian_June 1 2011

Ethiopia_Notice_ Delays for cases to Ethiopia's Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs after March 8, 2011_April 4 2011

Guatemala_Listserv update_ Letter of understanding delivered _June 13, 2011

Guatemala_Notice_CNA Processing Framework for U.S. Cases Under Its Authority_September 26 2011

Guatemala_Notice_June 2011 Listserv Update_June 11,2011

Guatemala_Notice_Office of Children's Issues trip to Guatemala_February 2 2011

Guatemala_Notice_Processing Plan for CNA cases_December 11 2011

Guatemala_Notice_Special Advisor for Children's Issues Ambassador Susan Jacobs to Travel to Guatemala_April 26 2011

Haiti _Alert_Pursuing Independent Adoptions without Licensed Agencies Increases Risks of Delays and Fraud_ June 26,2011

Haiti_Notice_IBESR Accepting New Adoption Cases_January 30 2011

Haiti_Notice_Special Advisor for Children's Issues Ambassador Susan Jacobs Travels to Haiti to Discuss Intercountry Adoption_June 20 2011

India_Notice_CARA Announces Release of New Guidelines and Temporary Suspension of Acceptance of New Dossiers_July 21, 2011

India_Notice_Update on CARA's Temporary Suspension of Acceptance of New Dossiers_October 4, 2011

Japan_ Notice Status of Adopting Orphans from Japan During Crisis_ March 22, 2011

Kazakhstan_New Family and Marriage Code Signed into Law January 12, 2011 

Kenya_Alert_Expect Adoption Delays_March 1,2011

Kyrgyzstan_Alert_Kyrgyzstan Adoption_June 1,2011

Kyrgyzstan_Notice_Annual Report Correction_February 24, 2011

Latvia_Notice_Post-adoption reporting requirements_April 4, 2011

Lesotho_Notice_Change in Processing Timeline for Adoption Cases in Lesotho_February 16, 2011

Mexico_Notice_ Mexican Central Authority Grants National Authorization to an Additional U.S. based Hague Accredited ASP_October 12, 2011

Mexico_Notice_Adoption Service Providers Authorized in Mexico_May 18,2011

Mexico_Notice_Mexican Central Authority granted national authorization to an additional U.S. based Hague ASP_August 1, 2011

Philippines_Notice _ICAB Announces Temporary Moratorium_January 30, 2011

Russia_Notice_Secretary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Sign Adoption Agreement_July 12, 2011

Ukraine_Alert_SDA resumes processing adoptions in Ukraine_July 13, 2011

Ukraine_Alert_Presidential order expected to allow SDA to continue processing adoptions in Ukraine_July 11, 2011

Ukraine_Alert_Ukraine Adoption_April 7, 2011

Ukraine_Alert_Ukrainian Family Code Amendments and temporary suspension on adoptions to take effect on July 11, 2011 _June 15, 2011

Ukraine_Notice_SDA authority and adoption processing in Ukraine_April 28, 2011

Ukraine_Notice_Ukrainian Family Code Amendments and adoption processing in Ukraine_May 19, 2011

Ukraine_Notice_Update on Adopting from Ukraine_January 11, 2011

Ukraine_Notice_What does Ukraine require of the adoptive parents after the adoption_July 5, 2011

Vietnam_Notice_Adoption Notice Vietnam_June 14, 2011

Vietnam_Notice_Vietnam ratifies the Hague Adoption Convention_November 9, 2011