Adoption Notice Archive


Bhutan _Notice_ Bhutan Issues Rules Permitting Intercountry Adoption_ September 15, 2015

Brazil _ Notice_Update on U.S. ASP Authorization in Brazil and Guidance for Transition Cases_May 18, 2015

Colombia _ Expiration of Colombian Authorization for U.S. Adoption Service Providers_ June 8, 2015

Colombia_Notice_Colombia high court rules for adoptions by same-sex couples_November 12, 2015

Cote d'Ivoire_Notice_The Hague Adoption Convention Enters into Force for Côte d’Ivoire on October 1, 2015_ October 1, 2015

Democratic Republic of the Congo_Adoption Alert_ Measles Outbreak in the DRC_ August 20, 2015

Democratic Republic of the Congo_Alert_Update on the Exit Permit Suspension in the DRC_October 4, 2015

Ethiopia _ Alert_Suspension of Adoption Cases from Kid’s Care Orphanage_December 23,2015

Ethiopia _ Regional Policies on Approval of Placements for Intercountry Adoption in Ethiopia_ May 7, 2015

Haiti_ Alert_IBESR Advises that Haitian Intercountry Adoptions Must be Full (Plenary)_ September 9, 2015

Haiti_Alert_Guidance on Converting Haitian Intercountry Adoptions from Simple to Full (Plenary)_September 30, 2015

Haiti_Invitation to Participate in Conference Call Regarding Adoptions from Haiti on October 23_October 19, 2015

Haiti_Lengthy Adoption Processing Times in Port-au-Prince_ May 13, 2015

India_ Alert_Reminder to Adoption Service Providers to Upload Prospective Adoptive Parents’ Documents to CARINGS Database_April 19,2015

India_Notice_Exit Permits Required for Adoptive Parents to Depart India_October 29, 2015

India_Notice_India’s New Adoption Guidelines Eliminate Some Restrictions on Non-Indian Citizen Parents Seeking to Adopt an Indian Child_September 28, 2015

India_Notice_Only U.S. Citizens may File a Form I-800A or Form I-800_ July 27, 2015

Kazakhstan _ Alert_ Request for Post-Adoption Reports by Central Authority of Kazakhstan_ July 28, 2015

Kazakhstan _ Notice_Submission of Post-Adoption Reports_August 13, 2015

Liberia _Moratorium on Intercountry Adoption Lifted_ June 30, 2015

Namibia_Notice_The Hague Adoption Convention Enters into Force for Namibia on January 1, 2016_ December 30, 2015

Uganda_Alert_Recent Developments Related to Intercountry Adoption from Uganda_December 31, 2015

Uganda_Notice_Visa Adjudication Procedures for Intercountry Adoptions at U.S. Embassy Kampala_December 30,2015

Vietnam_Additional Information on the Operation of the U.S. – Vietnamese Special Adoption Program_ January 7,2015

Vietnam_Vietnam Authorizes  Intercountry Adoptions from Vietnam to the United States through a Special Adoption Program_ June 23,2015