Supplemental Notice on Authorized U.S. Adoption Service Providers in Vietnam

Last Updated: August 12, 2020

This notice supplements the adoption notice released on July 29, 2020, regarding ongoing discussions ​between the United States and Vietnam about transitioning from the Special Adoption Program (SAP) to an expanded adoption program for all children eligible under the Hague Adoption Convention. In response to that notice, the Office of Children's Issues has received inquiries from accredited adoption service providers (ASPs) about whether Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice Department of Adoptions (MOJ/DA), as the Hague Central Authority for Vietnam, intends to change their policy limiting the number of authorized U.S. ASPs allowed to operate in Vietnam.

To date, Vietnam has authorized three U.S ASPs to process intercountry adoptions between the United States and Vietnam. At this time, MOJ/DA has not indicated to the United States that their position has or will change regarding the current limitations on the number of U.S. ASPs allowed to operate in Vietnam. The Vietnamese government advises us that similar limitations exist for all partner countries participating in adoptions in Vietnam, not just the United States. Such decisions are entirely within the jurisdiction of the Vietnamese government. The Vietnamese government has further advised us that such decisions shall be made on the basis of the number of Vietnamese children who are in need of permanancy and for the purpose of effectively managing ASPs licensed to operate in Vietnam in line with Vietnamese laws and regulations. 

As indicated in the July 29 notice, we anticipate, at a future date, the United States and Vietnam will issue a joint announcement regarding the commencement of a program no longer subject to the limited categories of eligible children under the SAP. Upon completion of these transition discussions, the Office of Children’s Issues will provide information to the public on its adoption website. For more information, please visit Vietnam’s country information page on