Kazakhstan’s Updated Reporting Requirements

Last Updated: April 3, 2024

The Ministry of Education and Science in Kazakhstan requests the submission of outstanding post-adoption reports (PARs) for Kazakhstani children adopted by U.S. families. In accordance with Kazakhstani family law, adoptive parents must provide PARs every six months for the first three years after the adoption is finalized and then each year until the child reaches 18 years of age.

The government of Kazakhstan no longer requires reports to be notarized; apostilled reports are appreciated but not required. PARs should include the parent(s)’ names, the child’s name and date of birth, the region where the child was adopted, and recent photos of the child and family. PARs should also include information about each of the following:

  • Health and development
  • Education
  • Activities (sports, hobbies, etc.)
  • Family adjustment

Families should submit PARs directly to the Adoption Committee at the Ministry of Education and Science at consuldc16@gmail.com, kznyconsul@gmail.com, and qazconsulsf@gmail.com. Families may submit self-reports. Please send the PARs to all email addresses listed.  Please copy the Department of State at adoption@state.gov so the Office of Children’s Issues can help ensure the Kazakhstani government receives your report(s).

Compliance with Kazakhstan’s post-adoption reporting requirements contributes to an understanding of the positive impact that intercountry adoption has for children from Kazakhstan who are living in the United States. When U.S. families do not submit the post-adoption reports they agreed to at the time their adoption was finalized, it causes countries of origin to have concerns about the welfare and whereabouts of the adopted children and may jeopardize the continuation of intercountry adoption.  

If you have already submitted PARs as required by Kazakhstani law, please be sure to note the updated email addresses provided for future submissions.