Haiti: U.S. Adoption Service Providers Authorized to work in Haiti

Last Updated: July 22, 2022

This notice updates the Department of State’s November 8, 2015 notice pertaining to Haiti’s list of authorized U.S. accredited adoption service providers. Haiti’s adoption authority, Institut du Bien-Être Social et de Recherches (IBESR), has renewed the authorization of a limited number of U.S. Hague accredited adoption service providers (ASPs) to provide adoption services in Haiti. The ASPs’ authorization to operate in Haiti is valid until September 2023; however, IBESR may at its discretion decide to revoke an ASP's authorization any time before that date. The Department urges all U.S. prospective adoptive parents interested in pursuing an adoption in Haiti to work with a U.S. accredited ASP authorized by IBESR. ASPs facilitating an intercountry adoption without IBESR’s authorization are subject to fines and possible imprisonment.

According to IBESR, the following U.S. accredited ASPs have been authorized to operate in Haiti. The Department will publish the names of any additional authorized ASPs upon receipt of official notification from IBESR.

Please note that if you are currently working with an accredited adoption service provider not included on Haiti’s list, IBESR has indicated that you must select an authorized adoption service provider before your adoption will be able to proceed.

The information in this alert is subject to change. The Department of State will continue to post updates on our website as they are updated by IBESR. Please continue to monitor our website for updates on adoptions in Haiti.