Haiti: Status of Intercountry Adoption During Crisis

Last Updated: March 14, 2024

The Department of State is closely monitoring the recent events in Haiti and their impact on intercountry adoption processing and the safety of adoptive children and families.  

 The Department of State’s Travel Advisory for Haiti has been at Level 4 – Do Not Travel since March 2020. U.S. citizens should not travel to Haiti, and those in Haiti should depart immediately using commercial or other private transportation options when available and safe to do so. U.S. citizens in Haiti who wish to record their presence should provide updated contact information on our crisis intake form at: https://mytravel.state.gov/s/crisis-intake.  

 We understand how difficult this situation is for families pursuing parenthood through adoption in Haiti. We are working to maintain lines of communication with Haitian adoption authorities. Haitian children must have permission from the Government of Haiti to depart, which will generally require a completed adoption and sometimes additional requirements. During times of crisis, it can also be exceptionally difficult to fulfill the legal requirements for intercountry adoption of both the United States and the child’s country of origin. Prospective adoptive parents may wish to consult with an experienced immigration attorney and take extra caution when considering adopting or caring for a child under these circumstances. 

 We will communicate updates through notices on adoption.state.gov and emails to adoption service providers. Prospective adoptive parents should remain in regular contact with their adoption service providers in the United States. Please keep adoption@state.gov copied on all correspondence to Embassy Port-au-Prince, so we can help provide guidance.