Guatemala Adoption Notice: Guatemala Requests Missing Post-Adoption Reports

Last Updated: January 12, 2017

This Adoption Notice is a reminder to adoption service providers and adoptive parents that Guatemala requires post-adoption reports for cases processed under the National Adoption Council’s (CNA) Acuerdo process. The Acuerdo is the process under which certain transition cases are processed. In accordance with Guatemalan family law, and by the formal agreement adopting parents sign with the CNA, all parents who adopt Guatemalan children under the CNA Acuerdo process must provide post-placement reports every six months for the first two years after the adoption is finalized. This reporting must include information on the general welfare, education, upbringing, and health of the child. For more information about the contents of the reports, please visit the CNA web page at      

The reports should be sent to:

Avenida Reforma 6-64 zona 9 
Edificio Plaza Corporativa Torre 1
Nivel 2 PBX: 502+2415-1600
Guatemala, Guatemala

We urge you to comply with Guatemala’s post-adoption requirements in a timely manner, as the Guatemalan government has informed us that over 100 reports have not been submitted. Your cooperation in filing these mandatory reports could have a positive effect on ongoing efforts to resume intercountry adoptions. 

Please continue to monitor for updated information on adoption in Guatemala.