Government of Cambodia Announcement on Intercountry Adoptions

Last Updated: February 16, 2021

On February 5, the Cambodian Embassy notified the Department of State that Cambodia intends to recommence intercountry adoptions. There are no further details at this time as to how or when the resumption of intercountry adoptions will go into effect. At this time, intercountry adoptions from Cambodia to the United States are still not possible. The United States suspended processing adoptions from Cambodia in 2001, due to fraud and irregularities in the adoption process in Cambodia. The United States reconfirmed the suspension in 2013.

We welcome all efforts by Cambodia to strengthen its child welfare system and to improve the integrity of its domestic and intercountry adoption processes. We look forward to receiving additional information from the Cambodian government on their internal intercountry adoption process in order to be able to determine whether Cambodia has a fully functional Hague Convention process in place that would allow the United States to process Convention adoptions with Cambodia.  

For more details on the status of adoptions between the United States and Cambodia please see previous notices on our website here.