DRC: The Department of State Strongly Recommends Against Adopting from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Last Updated: June 21, 2018

This Alert Supersedes the Alert Issued on April 12, 2017

We understand adoption service providers and prospective adoptive parents have been contacted by individuals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) urging adoption service providers to resume operations in the DRC. However, the DRC Adoption Authorities, Direction Générale de Migration (Immigration), confirmed that the suspension on issuing exit permit in adoptions cases has not been lifted. Therefore, the Department of State strongly recommends against initiating an adoption in the DRC at this time. We continue to ask adoption agencies not to refer new Congolese adoption cases for U.S. prospective adoptive parents as the ongoing exit permit suspension remains firmly in place.

We also understand a few adoption service providers and adoptive parents were asked to provide post adoption reports to a government entity in the DRC. The U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa has confirmed that the DRC adoption authority does not require post-adoption reports. Although post adoption reporting is not required by the DRC authorities, there may be requirements for post-adoption reporting in some states and/or through an adoptive family’s contract with the accredited adoption service provider. Parents may be obligated to fulfill such requirements regardless of the DRC’s post-adoption reporting requirements. Adoptive parents should work closely with their adoption service provider regarding any post-adoption matters, including services, supports, and reporting. 

We will continue to engage with the Congolese government on these issues. Please continue to monitor http://adoptions.state.gov for updated information. For questions about this notice or adoption-related visa processing, please email the Office of Children’s Issues at adoption@state.gov.