BELIZE – Foreign Authorization – Requirements and Procedure

Last Updated: November 1, 2021

To support the viability of intercountry adoption as an option for permanency for children in Belize, the Office of Children’s Issues and the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan sought information from the Belizean Central Authority regarding its legal requirements for the authorization of adoption service providers (ASP), pursuant to Article 12 of the Hague Adoption Convention.

Belize ratified the Convention on December 20, 2005, and the Convention came into force on April 1, 2006.

The Department of Human Services (DHS), the Belize Central Authority, explained that foreign providers are not permitted to conduct work on intercountry adoption in Belize and all activity must be handled by DHS.  Local attorneys work with the Department of Human Services to facilitate the legal aspects of the adoption, but all paperwork for intercountry adoptions must go through DHS. Therefore, there is no process for authorizing a foreign ASP in Belize.

ASPs with questions about adoptions from Belize should contact the Belizean Central Authority, Department of Human Services, 40 Regent Street, Belize City, Belize, Contact person: Ms. Arlene Flores, Phone: +501 227 7451 or +501 227 2057.

For additional information, ASPs may wish to review the Belize country-information page.