Adverse Action taken by Council on Accreditation towards Huminska's Anioly, Inc.

Last Updated: September 8, 2011

On March 2, 2012, the Council on Accreditation (COA) made the decision to temporarily suspend Huminska's Anioly, Inc. for failing to maintain substantial compliance with the Hague accreditation standards. Huminska's Anioly, Inc. is a Hague accredited adoption service provider; however, they are authorized to operate in both Hague and non-Hague countries. This agency currently operates in Poland. During this suspension, Huminska's Anioly, Inc. must cease to provide all adoption services in connection with cases covered under the Hague Convention. If you have an open case with this agency, please contact the adoption service provider directly to find out how the suspension will affect your adoption services. Please note that according to U.S. regulations, this suspension will not affect this adoption service provider's ability to work in non-Hague countries.

The suspension will begin on March 6, 2012 and conclude when the accrediting entity has determined that the adoption service provider has completed the corrective action. Updated information will be provided on the website.