Adoption Notice: Accreditation Renewal Refusal for Amazing Grace Adoptions, Adopt Abroad International, and Faith International Adoption, Inc.

Last Updated: April 2, 2018

The Council on Accreditation (COA) reports that on March 31, 2018, the Hague Accreditation for Amazing Grace Adoptions, Adopt Abroad International, and Faith International Adoptions, Inc. expired while their renewal applications were pending [with COA]. As such, the agencies’ renewal applications have been refused and they are no longer accredited.

Agencies that are not accredited or approved may not act as a primary provider. They may, however, perform services for intercountry adoption under the supervision of an accredited or approved adoption service provider, but must meet the requirements of 22 CFR 96.35(a). When an agency’s or person’s accreditation or approval expires, they are responsible for transferring cases and records as required by 22 CFR 96.33(e) and 96.42(d).

Families working with any of the above listed agencies should contact that agency directly with questions about case or record transfer. We also encourage families to review the information published by the Council on Accreditation about selecting a primary provider/adoption service provider and the accreditation/approval requirements. 

The Department of State does not review or approve case transfer plans and has a limited role in their execution. We do, however, communicate with foreign Central Authorities and competent adoption authorities about the accreditation status of adoption service providers and case transfer plans, as needed.

Federal regulations in 22 CFR Part 96 govern the accreditation/approval and monitoring of adoption service providers involved in intercountry adoption. The regulations authorize designated accrediting entities to review complaints and take adverse action when the accrediting entity determines that regulatory standards have been violated or that the adoption service provider has failed to demonstrate substantial compliance with the applicable regulations. The Department of State facilitates communication to the public about the outcome of the accrediting entities’ determinations.