CYPRUS - Foreign Authorization

Last Updated: November 2, 2021

Cyprus – Foreign Authorization – Requirements and Procedure

To support the viability of intercountry adoption as an option for permanency for children in Cyprus, the Office of Children’s Issues and the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia sought information from the Cypriot Central Authority regarding its legal requirements for the authorization of adoption service providers (ASP), pursuant to Article 12 of the Hague Adoption Convention.

Cyprus ratified the Convention on February 20, 1995, and it entered into force on June 1, 1995.

The Cypriot Central Authority said that all adoption services are carried out through the Cypriot Central Authority, but in cases involving a foreign ASP, the ASP must show a certification by the Central Authority of its home country. The Adoption Oversight Division in the Office of Children’s Issues can provide an accreditation verification letter to satisfy this requirement. ASPs may email to request this official communication.

ASPs with questions about adoptions from Cyprus should contact the Cypriot Central Authority:

Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, Social Welfare Services
1468 Lefkosia, Cyprus,
Phone: +357 (22) 406 602
Points of Contact: Ms Hara Tapanidou, Service for Families and Children; or Ms Marina Efthymiadou, Service for Families and Children;

For additional information, ASPs may wish to review the Cyprus country-information page.