"Let's Talk Numbers"

Short Description

A short video describing the Department’s efforts to meet growing worldwide demand for visas.


“Let’s talk numbers.”

Video: Fade up from black to white screen with the words “Let’s talk numbers.”

Video: “Let’s talk numbers” disappears and is replaced by numbers all over the screen – different sizes at different depths.

Narrator: Let’s talk numbers.

Video: We pan around the screen, losing some numbers as more come into frame.

Narrator: There are a lot of them out there these days - some more important than others.

Video: The number 74,000,000 slides in and fills the screen.

Narrator: There’s one. 

Video: The number 74,000,000 stays on the screen.

Narrator: 74 million.

Video: The number 74,000,000 stays on the screen.

Narrator: That’s how many visitors the United States welcomed to our country for tourism, business, and study last year.

Video: We pan around to see the number 222,000,000,000.

Narrator: Think about it. Visitors from around the world generated 222 billion dollars in revenue in the United States last year. 

Video: We pan around to see the number 27,000,000,000 and a graphic of a female wearing a graduation cap.

Narrator: International students contributed 27 billion dollars alone.

Video: A graphic of the Statue of Liberty appears.

Narrator: When people come here, they are not only visiting our tourist attractions,

Video: A graphic of a hotel building appears.

Narrator: sleeping in our hotels,

Video: A graphic of a shopping mall appears.

Narrator: buying our goods, 

Video: A graphic of a restaurant appears. 

Narrator: and eating in our restaurants. They are also supporting millions of American workers. 

Video: A world map appears with arrows flying into a map of the United States.

Narrator: These visitors come here from all over the world.  In order to enter the United States, many of these visitors need a visa.

Video: A graphic of a passport and a U.S. visa appears.

Narrator: - which is basically permission given by the United States to travel to our country.

Video: A Department of State logo appears.

Narrator: The Department of State is constantly seeking new ways to better serve our visa applicants.

Video: A map of Mexico appears.

Narrator: in Mexico.

Video: A map of India appears.

Narrator: In India.

Video: A map of China appears.

Narrator: In China.

Video: A map of Brazil appears.

Narrator: and in Brazil. All over the world, in fact.

Video: The number 228 appears.

Narrator: Here’s a great number - 228. That’s how many U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world issue visas. 

Video: A graphic of boxes appears and begins piling on top of each other into a pyramid structure.

Narrator: And every year, we are adding more and more resources to our embassies and consulates to make sure the growing number of travelers get their visas faster than ever before.

Video: We pan around to see the number 1,000,000.

Narrator: With our new Interview Waiver Program, we issued over 1,000,000 visas last year without requiring an interview.

Video: We pan around to see the number 10 and the number 5.

Narrator: We also began offering tourist and business visas valid for up to 10 years, and student and exchange visitor visas valid up to 5 years, to qualified Chinese applicants, one of our largest sources of international visitors and students.

Video: The number 93 appears and gets bigger.

Narrator: Oh, here’s another number.  93.  In 2014, a visa interview was available within three weeks for 93% of our applicants worldwide. 

Video: The number 1 appears and gets bigger.

Narrator: Finally, our most important number.  1.  Our number one priority in processing visas is to ensure the safety and security of everyone in the United States, including our visitors, to keep the numbers, and our economy, growing.

Video: A graphic of the world with numbers spinning appears.

Narrator: The numbers speak for themselves.  Improved services means more visas, which means more visitors, which means more money and jobs for the American economy.  The Department of State –working harder than ever to bring the world to our door.