Before You Go

Print our Traveler’s Checklist card and be sure to:

GET INFORMATION: Visit the State Department’s country information page for Germany. It provides up-to-date information about safety and security, and other issues related to traveling in Germany.

ENROLL IN STEP: Enroll in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). This will enable the U.S. Embassy and Consulates to keep you up-to-date with important safety and security announcements, and help us reach you in an emergency.


Safety and Security

Major events are a prime opportunity for crime. It is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times:

Munich may be one of the safest cities in the world, but where there are crowds, there are pickpockets, and Oktoberfest brings out the pros. Keep a close eye on your belongings, especially on mass transit.

Do not bring luggage, packs, or large purses to Oktoberfest. They won’t be allowed inside the Oktoberfest grounds due to security precautions. The rules are similar to U.S. professional sports stadium security rules. Expect to be searched at the outer perimeter. There are a limited number of lockers available and they fill quickly. At the end of your outing, make sure to collect your belongings; lockers are emptied every evening. Any left items will be brought to Lost and Found.

Oktoberfest beer is stronger than you think, and especially plentiful when you drink it from a “Maβ” (the liter glass)! One traditional Maβ of Oktoberfest beer has the same alcohol content as four 12-ounce American beers.

Avoid disputes with other Oktoberfest attendees. If you get into a fight, you will be arrested. Hitting someone with a beer mug is considered assault with a deadly weapon, and usually results in prison time. If you are arrested at Oktoberfest, it is possible that the police will give you the option of paying a fine on the spot. The amount of the fine can depend on your monthly income. This is not a bribe and of course, you’ll receive a receipt!

Do not take the beer steins from the Oktoberfest tents! There is a large fine for doing so. If you want a souvenir, buy a mug at one of the stands. Yes, the police can tell the difference.

For more information about Safety & Security Visit the State Department’s country information page for Germany.

Remember: You are subject to all German laws, which may differ from those in the United States. If you violate these laws even unknowingly, you may be arrested, fined, expelled, and banned from re-entering Germany. Expect increased police presence and enhanced security measures in and around the festival area.


Stay Informed

U.S. Consulate General Munich:

Information about services to U.S. citizens, security, and fraud warnings, among other topics.

Königinstraße 5
80539 München
Emergency After-Hours Telephone: +49-89-2888-0
Fax: +49-89-280-9998
Email: consmunich@state.gov

Bureau of Consular Affairs’ Website: travel.state.gov/destination
Latest Travel Advisory, international travel tips, information regarding the STEP enrollment process, etc.

Twitter Accounts: Follow @TravelGov and @USconsmunich for up-to-date safety and security information about Oktoberfest.


Access to Oktoberfest

The entry to the Oktoberfest is free.


Transportation and Accommodations

Public transportation runs all night, but it won’t be useful if you don’t know which U-Bahn or S-Bahn stop to use, or the name or address of your hotel. Keep that information on your person. Ask for the hotel’s card at the reception before leaving. Do not sleep in the park outside the Oktoberfest grounds. Thieves and pickpockets are always on the lookout for vulnerable “Bierleichen” (beer corpses).

Use Munich’s excellent public transportation network (MVV). During the Oktoberfest the frequency of subway trains and busses in Munich is even higher than usual. One disadvantage is that the subway trains are generally very full. Our tip: The station “Theresienwiese” is the most highly frequented and tends to be extremely crowded. It is advisable to use other stations nearby to get to the Oktoberfest.

Overview all Routes:

  • S-Bahn:
    • S1 - S8 to Hackerbrücke
    • S7 and S20 to Heimeranplatz, and then U4 or U5 to station Theresienwiese or Schwanthalerhöhe
  • U-Bahn:
    • U3 or U6 to Goetheplatz or Poccistraße
    • U4 or U5 to Theresienwiese or Schwanthalerhöhe
  • Bus:
    • MetroBus-Line 53 to Schwanthalerhöhe
    • MetroBus-Line 58 to Georg-Hirth-Platz, Beethovenplatz or Goetheplatz
    • MetroBus-Linie 62 to Hans-Fischer-Straße, Poccistraße or Herzog-Ernst-Platz
    • StadtBus-Line 134 to Theresienhöhe or Schwanthalerhöhe
  • Streetcar / Straßenbahn:
    • Line 18 or 19 to Holzapfelstraße or Hermann-Lingg-Straße
    • Line 16 an 17 to Hackerbrücke

Further Information and timetables can be found at: www.mvv-muenchen.de

Last Updated: September 26, 2018

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