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How a Passport Can Help You Fly in the U.S.Information on Hurricane Maria


Information on Visa Processing in Cuba
The U.S. Embassy in Havana has posted a message for U.S Visa applicants in Cuba regarding the status of visa processing in Havana.  For details please visit the U.S. Embassy in Havana’s Visa Information webpage.

Presidential Proclamation on Visas (Sept. 24)

Information and FAQs on countries subject to various travel restrictions under the proclamation.

Information on Hurricane Maria

Hurricane information for Congress, staff, and your constituents. The San Juan Passport Agency is closed until further notice.

Information on Hurricane Irma

Congressional email for Irma and Task Force Alert.

Temporary Closure of the Miami Passport Agency

On Sunday, April 23, the Omni Center, which houses the Miami Passport Agency, experienced significant water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently-asked questions about passports, visas, international travel and consular assistance to Americans abroad

Contact Information

Contact information for passports, visas, overseas citizen services, embassies and consulates and country desk officers for use by members of congress and their staff only.

Help for Your Constituents Abroad

Your exclusive resource for Department of State information and Congressional contacts for constituent services.

Established in 1789, the Department of State is the oldest executive agency of the federal government and is the lead institution for the conduct of American diplomacy. Through its Bureau of Consular Affairs, the Department carries out its primary responsibilities to protect the lives and interests of American citizens abroad and to strengthen U.S. border security through the vigilant adjudication of U.S. passports and visas.

Bureau employees serve America from over 30 domestic locations and at 260 embassies, consulates, and other posts in 180 countries. It is our hope that during your term you will have an opportunity to visit our facilities and meet our dedicated professionals. In the meantime, here is the list of key services we provide to you, your staff, and your constituents.

First, you can find a wealth of Congressional contacts and other information for caseworkers at our Congressional access only website, Access our popular Congressional Contacts lists using the Contact Information link just above. In addition, the Department of State maintains two offices on Capitol Hill staffed with consular officers to assist Members with general and constituent inquires. They are in Rayburn B330 (202-226-4641) and Russell 189 (202-228-1605) and at

Travel Alerts and Warnings

Country Information