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Notice: New Paperwork Requirements

We would like to inform you about the new paperwork requirement for all adoption dossiers submitted to the Ukrainian State Department for Adoptions and Protection of the Rights of the Child (SDAPRC). All foreign adoptive parents will be required to add the following documents to their adoption dossiers:

  1. Three copies of both parents' passports (instead of one), accompanied by Certified Ukrainian translation. No apostille is required for copies of passports.
  2. Notarized statement, signed by both parents, authorizing the SDAPRC to request clearances for them through Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and Interpol. This statement should be submitted in duplicate, each one bearing a Hague Apostille, and be accompanied by a certified English translation. You can use the following form that is the translation of the Ukrainian form provided by SDAPRC.

Note: All adoption dossiers must now include these two additional documents. SDAPRC's policy is that foreign adoptive parents must go through the Interpol clearance process, regardless the date of their registration with SDAPRC. SDAPRC agrees to accept statements notarized by local Ukrainian notaries for the families who are already in Ukraine now, finalizing their adoptions. The Interpol clearance processing time may require up to 40 days.