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Notice: Mexican Central Authority Grants National Authorization to an Additional U.S.-based Hague Accredited Adoption Service Provider.

The Mexican Central Authority recently granted national authorization to provide adoption services in Mexico to an additional U.S. based Hague accredited adoption service provider, Across the World Adoptions, bringing the total of authorized U.S. based providers to three. It is our understanding that U.S. based adoption service providers Carolina Adoption Services, Inc. and International Child Foundation have also received national authorization from the Mexican Central Authority. Because this information is subject to updates, we encourage prospective adoptive parents to check the authorization status of an adoption service provider with the Mexican Central Authority before initiating an adoption. The Mexican Central Authority publishes information about the intercountry adoption process as well as contact information on its website.

We remind U.S. citizens wishing to adopt in Mexico that Mexican states may choose whether or not to work with adoption service providers that have achieved national authorization. Please see our May 19, 2011 adoption notice regarding Mexico's process for authorizing U.S. adoption service providers for more details. Mexico's complex system for intercountry adoption is described on our Mexico country information sheet. Working with an adoption service provider that has received only state authorization (and not national authorization) may cause the case to go through a verification process at the national level, delaying the adoption and possibly resulting in the Mexican Central Adoption's refusal to issue Hague certifications that are required for visa issuance.

We will publish additional updated guidance as we receive it. If you have any further questions please write to us at or call us at 1-888-407-4747.