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Notice: Submission of Post-Adoption Reports

Kazakhstan’s Central Adoption Authority, the Ministry of Education and Science, has informed the Office of Children’s Issues that families whose adoption service provider (ASP) is no longer in operation, or who did not work with an ASP to complete non-Hague (Orphan – I-600) adoptions from Kazakhstan, can email post-adoption reports directly to the Ministry at the following email address:

These reports do not need to be translated into Russian or Kazakh but photographs of the child or children in different environments are required.

As noted in the Adoption Alert of July 29, 2015, Kazakhstan requires post-adoption reports detailing the general welfare, education, upbringing, and health of all adopted Kazakhstani children.  In accordance with Kazakhstani family law, adoptive parents must provide post-placement reports every six months for the first three years after the adoption is finalized and then once a year until the child is 18 years old.