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Alert: Reminder to Adoption Service Providers to Upload Prospective Adoptive Parents’ Documents to CARINGS Database

The Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) has requested the Department of State’s assistance in reminding U.S. adoption service providers (ASPs) to upload dossier documents pertaining to prospective adoptive parents in CARA’s online database, CARINGS as soon as possible. This reminder pertains only to Authorized Foreign Adoption Agencies (AFAAs), those ASPs authorized by CARA to facilitate the adoption of Indian children by prospective adoptive parents through the intercountry adoption process. CARA is requesting dossier information for those prospective parents already registered in CARINGS. 

The specific documents requested include;

1) Current family photograph/photograph of the person(s) adopting a child;

2) Birth certificate/proof of date of birth of the prospective adoptive parent(s);

3) Proof of residence (voter card, passport, current electricity bill, or telephone bill);

4) Proof of last year’s income (salary slip, income certificate issued by a government department, or income tax return);

5) Certificate from a licensed medical practitioner certifying that the prospective adoptive parents do not suffer from any chronic, contagious or fatal disease and are fit to adopt;

6) Police clearance certificate;

7) Marriage certificate, divorce decree, death certificate of spouse (whichever is applicable).

CARA notes that not all U.S. ASPs authorized by CARA have complied with its request to upload these documents by the February 28 deadline.  CARA requires this documentation so that “seniority can be established among prospective adoptive parents and accordingly children could be made available to them for their referral.”

CARA has stated that, if the documents are not immediately uploaded, they will assume the prospective adoptive parents are no longer interested in adopting from India, and they will cancel the registration of prospective adoptive parents with incomplete dossiers.  

Please email CARA directly at should you have any questions concerning this request.

Please continue to monitor this website for updated information concerning intercountry adoptions in India.