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Notice: India’s New Adoption Guidelines Eliminate Some Restrictions on Non-Indian Citizen Parents Seeking to Adopt an Indian Child

The Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA)’s new Guidelines Governing the Adoption of Children, went into effect on August 1, 2015.  The new guidelines removed the numerical cap on Indian children not classified as having special needs that are eligible for intercountry adoption and made important changes to the eligibility requirements of prospective adoptive parents:

Prospective adoptive parents, including those who are not Indian citizens, are now eligible to adopt all Indian children who are available for intercountry adoption, not just those classified as having special needs.  CARA will continue to give first consideration to Indian citizens residing in India and non-resident Indian citizens (NRIs) before deciding to place a child with non-Indian citizen prospective adoptive parents.  Additionally, prospective adoptive parents with four or more children shall not be considered for adoption.

For more information about the new guidelines, please refer to CARA’s website.  Please continue to monitor for updates to the Country Information Sheet for India.

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