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Alert: The Honduran Adoption Authority, Instituto Hondureño de la Niñez y la Familia (IHNFA), is Currently Closed due to a Strike

As of October 2, 2012, employees of the Instituto Hondureño de la Niñez y la Familia (IHNFA) are on strike and IHNFA is closed.  The IHNFA is Honduras’ Child Welfare Authority and as such, it oversees adoptions.  IHNFA provides referrals to prospective adoptive parents and approves adoption applications.  At this time, due to the strike, the IHNFA is not performing these functions.  It is unclear how long the strike might last.  Please note that the Honduran Family Court is operating normally at this time.
The U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa is monitoring the strike.  Department of State and USCIS officials in Tegucigalpa will continue to accept and adjudicate complete Form I-600 adoption petitions and immigrant visa applications.

Please monitor  We will provide more information as it becomes available.  Prospective adoptive parents are also encouraged to seek clarification on their individual cases from their adoption service provider.