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Notice: Update on U.S. ASP Authorization in Brazil and Guidance for Transition Cases

Brazil’s Central Authority, Autoridade Central Administrativa Federal of the Secretaria de Direitos Humanos (ACAF), has authorized a limited number of U.S. Hague accredited adoption service providers (ASPs) to provide adoption services in Brazil.  ACAF recently announced that all adoption cases where a child has already been matched as of April 30, 2015 will be able to proceed without working with one of these authorized U.S. ASPs. All other cases, including new cases or cases where prospective adoptive parents have already received approval from the State Judiciary Commission of Adoption (CEJA) but have not been matched with a child, must be represented by an U.S. ASP authorized by Brazil.  Note that in accordance with the Intercountry Adoption Act, an accredited agency or approved person is required in each intercountry adoption case to ensure that all of the six defined adoption services are provided.

ACAF has authorized the following U.S. accredited ASPs to operate in Brazil. 

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

Lifeline Children's Services

Hand in Hand International Adoptions

Across The World Adoptions

The Department will publish any changes to the list of authorized ASPs, including the names of any additional authorized ASPs upon receipt of official notification from ACAF.  These ASPs’ authorization to operate in Brazil is valid for two years, beginning April 30, 2015. However, ACAF may in its discretion decide to revoke an ASP’s authorization at any time before that date.  ASPs facilitating an intercountry adoption in Brazil without ACAF’s authorization may be subject to fines and possible imprisonment.

Brazil’s adoption law requires ASPs to submit to CEJA and ACAF, 1) the child’s U.S. citizenship certificate, and 2) at least four post-adoption follow-up reports every six months for two years after the adoption is granted.  Families who were matched with a child before April 30, 2015 have the option of working with one of the authorized adoption service providers, or continuing to work with their current ASP, to complete the adoption reports.

The information in this alert is subject to change. The Department of State will continue to post updates on our website as they are updated by ACAF.   Please refer to our website for updates on adoptions in Brazil.