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Alert: Update on the Exit Permit Suspension in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

The Congolese Government has informed the Department that the exit permit suspension remains fully in force for all Congolese children adopted by foreign families.

While it is not within the Department’s purview to discuss legal ramifications for U.S. citizens who attempt to circumvent the exit permit suspension, U.S. citizens are subject to all laws and regulations in the country in which they are traveling or residing. Any information concerning such efforts could potentially become the subject of law enforcement investigation. Further, U.S. adoptive families of Congolese children are cautioned that attempting to circumvent the exit permit suspension could have severe implications. These implications include placing adopted children and individuals helping children leave in serious harm’s way, jeopardizing the validity of the adoption, the possible arrest of parents in the birth country, and potential restriction of parents’ ability to visit their adopted children.

We will post any further developments on the Exit Permit Suspension at Please contact us with further questions or concerns at