National Adoption Month 2015

Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Michele T. Bond

A/S Bond

I am Michele Thoren Bond, the Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs.  On the occasion of National Adoption Month, I want to highlight that maintaining intercountry adoption as a viable option for children in need throughout the world is a top priority for the Department of State.

We are advancing new initiatives for intercountry adoption and strengthening our relationships with the adoption community. We appreciate hearing from you about ways that we can continue these efforts.

While there remains much to be done, there is also much to celebrate. Over the past 15 years, U.S. families have welcomed more than a quarter million adopted children into their homes, from more than 100 countries.

Consular officers overseas are dedicated to helping U.S. citizens and their families understand and navigate the adoption process. We never stop working on your behalf, even when faced with difficult challenges.

Happy National Adoption Month from all of us here at the Department of State!