Staying Healthy

Checking out other countries doesn’t mean ignoring the health habits you practice at home. In fact, you’ll need to pay even closer attention to what you are doing, eating, drinking or even just walking down the street.

Eat, Drink and be Wary

Thinking about sampling the native cuisine? Of course you are! Enjoying local delicacies is part of the wonderful experience of overseas travel, but eating the wrong things could make you very sick. Many countries don’t have the same food handling and preparation standards found in the United States. Food that is not stored or cooked properly could make you sick. Do your research on which local foods and drinks to avoid.

  • Stay away from raw foods.
  • Choose your local restaurants carefully. If it looks dirty in the dining room, it could be worse in the kitchen.
  • Local water supplies could also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Always use bottled water (even to brush your teeth), and beware of fake bottled water – tap water sold as bottled.Be aware that ice may also be made from local tap water.
  • Practicing healthy habits, like washing your hands regularly, will help ensure that you stay healthy and enjoy your entire trip.

While you are keeping your eye on what you are drinking, make sure you keep an eye on who’s pouring it as well. Without sounding too scary, there’s the possibility of being served something you didn’t order. A number of illegal drugs can be slipped into your drink. These drugs can make you sleepy, unaware, or even unconscious. Remain aware of your drinks and:

  • Don't drink anything you did not open yourself or that you didn't see being opened or poured by a bartender.
  • Always watch your drink at parties and bars and get a new one if you leave it unattended for a while.

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